Our story

Picture a family of four, standing on a street corner with 2 suitcases. That is the only fleeting memory I have of our family journey from the Czech Republic to Canada. Maybe it is a picture from a dream. Hard to know as I was only a toddler. My parents fled a communist country in order to raise their children in a land of opportunity, freedom and hope. They risked emprisonnement, left loved ones behind without a farewell, as did millions of citizens during that era. 

Their sacrifices allowed me to believe anything was possible. 

But was is left behind is not forgotten. Today, I wish to bring you unique linen products, woven in my country of birth, and carefully designed and sewn in Quebec. Linen is known for its capacity to absorb water, for its breathability, antibacterial properties and durability. Linen allows me to weave my past into my future, and share my values through sustainable actions.

Linen, for life.