How it all started

Maison LenKo was born out of my desire to surround myself with healthy, sustainable textiles. Textiles that are safe for the health of my family and our planet. In a world where plastic is everywhere, I wanted to limit the amount that came into contact with our skin and our food by first creating bulk bags to use at the grocery store and local farmer's market. Little by little, I started making linen garments with the precious help of local seamstresses.

Linen was the only logical choice for me to begin this adventure! A material known for millennia, its manufacturing process in our modern world remains one of the most eco-friendly of all textiles. Its production requires no additional irrigation apart from rainwater, and very few additives are used to bring the plant to maturity. From field to spinning mill to weaving mill, the processes are entirely mechanized and require very little water compared to cotton.

My search for quality linen led me to the place where it all began... the town where I was born! Linen has been woven for decades in this small town in the Czech Republic, where I lived very briefly before moving to Canada at the age of 3.

It's partly thanks to my parents' cultural heritage that I'm proud to offer you 100% European linen, certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, with a known origin. Our mission has remained the same since the very start: to offer you quality, eco-designed, locally-made linen products.