Caring for your linen means caring for the environment

Textiles used to be a highly valuable commodity. Fabric was cherished, repaired and passed down to future generations. Not only is it economically beneficial, but so much better for the environment. Linen is very durable and will last forever if you simply care for it as our ancestors used to care for their items... with the added benefit that most of us have access to washing machines!

General washing instructions:

- Wash only if necessary... hang your linen between uses and use a home-made fabric freshener (check out my secret recipe!) once in a while, if needed. You will notice that linen doesn't absorb odors, being natural antibacterial, so you can easily skip on the laundry! Life just got so much simpler, didn't it!

- Unfold all items completely before placing them in the washing machine (hello stubborn creases and folds if you don't!)

- Wash in cold or warm water 

- Hang to dry: its better for the environment and for your linen! If you must use the dryer, use the warm setting and take out your linen items before they are completely dry to avoid excessive wrinkles.

- Steam iron if necessary (I VERY rarely iron my linen...)